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Why should you join an orchestra as an adult?

Discover why it's an excellent way to develop your musical skills!

Joining an orchestra as an adult

If you are an adult or teenager currently learning a musical instrument, joining an orchestra is a great way to develop your skills.

You get to meet new people who share your hobby, and develop friendships. You can share the joys of mastering a new piece and the challenges of tricky key changes and instrumentals.

“I remember when I played the violin at school and I thought I hated it. But after joining an orchestra as an adult, I discovered that I actually really enjoy it!” - Nicola, member of ChromaMusic Community Orchestra

Attending an orchestra as an adult is a great stress relief after a long day at work, as you’ll be in a friendly and supportive environment enjoying a fun activity.

You develop musical skills that would take you longer in 1 -1 lessons, such as harmonising, keeping in time. You can also take tips from more experienced players. With upcoming rehearsals and concerts, playing in an orchestra means constant motivation to practice and improve.

However, it is quite hard to find amateur orchestras for adults, especially ones suitable for beginner and intermediate learners. That is why ChromaMusic set up their own community orchestra in Swansea.

If you are based in Swansea and would like to join an orchestra, get in touch with us!

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