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ChromaCrabs teaching books for children learning to read music

Logo for ChromaCrabs, a book series to teach kids how to read music

The most fun way for kids to learn musical notation

Learn to play the piano through story and song with our piano or keyboard teaching books, suitable for using at home or in lesson. Their innovative presentation of music notation will enable children of any age to play simple tunes.

Come and meet Cresci C, Dinah D, Enzo E, Frances F, Greta G, Arthur A and Bruno B as they enjoy their adventures on holiday at Sunshine Bay!

Buy one of our ebooks, or join one of our ChromaCrabs group lessons in Swansea. You will be amazed how quickly your child or student learns to play the piano!

Covers for teaching books series to help young children read music
Fun and colourful piano to help kids to learn music
Learn to read music in a fun way with nursery rhymes

Our completely new and innovative form of music notation designed to enable children to read music and play the piano from the age of 5.

Follow our unique picture notation to play the warm ups and songs.  You will be amazed how quickly you will be playing the piano for yourself!

Every book has 3 stories to tell and 3 songs to learn,  based on nursery rhymes and traditional songs, with new and fun lyrics which tell the story of the ChromaCrabs® at Sunshine Bay. 

ChromaCrabs at Sunshine Bay

A problem that many kids under 7 and their teachers face is learning how to read music. After many years of teaching piano and keyboard, it is clear that many children struggle to understand the tricky symbols we use to write music. In fact, music notation remains a mystery to a lot of us! However, reading music is a very important skill to have, and waiting to add reading into music lessons makes it harder in the long run. 


At ChromaCrabs, we believe it is definitely possible for children as young as three to learn how to read music. This is why we have designed a fun eBook series especially for teachers and parents of young children who are not ready to read music or those with additional needs, such as dyslexia and autism. The books’ methodology is based on normal music notation, but presented in a fun, engaging and colourful way. Children will learn how to read music gradually, and have plenty of fun along the way! 

To the child ChromaCrabs is a fun and interactive e-book series. Underneath, it is the start of a carefully thought out teaching system, designed from 20 years of piano teaching experience. 

First book to teach kids to read music
Second book to teach kids to read music
Third book, helping young children to play piano
Fourth book, in a fun book series for teachers and parents
Fifth book, how to teach music notation in a fun way

Cresci's Day

Cresci's Day kicks off the story as the ChromaCrabs meet for their holiday at Sunshine Bay!

Dinah's Day

In Dinah's Day, the ChromaCrabs have more fun as they learn some new songs!

Enzo's Day

Enzo's Day sees the ChromaCrabs enjoy Sunshine Bay!

Frances' Day

ChromaCrabs continue their adventure in Frances' Day.

Greta's Day

Learn more songs with the ChromaCrabs in Greta's Day!

Group piano lessons for young kids in Swansea

ChromaCrabs group lessons for kids

In Swansea, we will soon be offering small group lessons for young children aged 4-7. The lessons follow our ChromaCrabs courses.  Click here to check for availability and more information.

Group piano lessons for young kids in Swansea

Using ChromaCrabs in group lessons

Taking music lessons is one of the most beneficial and enriching activities a child could do. It is well known that music lessons are linked to academic success and brain development.

Learning in a group can improve children’s social skills. The child will learn patience, how to listen and support others, and work in a team. It will also help in the future, as music is often played in a group

Music can also help children express their feelings through the instrument they are playing. This is especially true when they try to compose their own music. This is why we at ChromaCrabs include improvisation and composition in our ChromaCrabs courses.

So, if you are a teacher, use our ChromaCrabs books in your lessons, or if you're a parent based in Swansea, join one of our group courses!

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