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Piano and cello clubs in Swansea

Group lessons for piano and cello in Swansea, with a friendly and experienced teacher. 

Are you an adult learner based in Swansea who is looking for new opportunities to play your piano or cello?

ChromaMusic Piano Club and ChromaMusic Cello Club meet monthly,

to play a variety of pieces together.

If you would like to join us then do get in touch.

All levels welcome.

Swansea music school logo, piano, cello and theory lessons for adults

What do we do?

01. Ensembles

We meet up once a month for a two hour ensemble, where we play and refine ensemble pieces we have been practicing, with input from our experienced teacher. The pieces we play together will have parts for different levels. There will also be the opportunity for each person to showcase something else they have been learning, if they want to.

02. Concerts

 We perform in small concerts in front of family and friends. 

03. Trips

We regularly go on trips to see professional musicians perform in concerts. Recent trips have been to Llandaff Cathedral to watch James McBeth, and the Brangwyn Hall to watch Steven Isserlis. 

04. Social

 A WhatsApp group to share tips, support each other, and generally enthuse about all things piano and cello!

 05. Workshops

We organise workshops hosted by local musicians, who share their knowledge and experience, and help us with our technique. 

Sessions are just £23 a month!

Piano used for piano lessons in Swansea
Cello for cello lessons in Swansea

Play a variety of pieces in a relaxed and supportive setting. 

Learn under the guidance of Alida, our teacher with 20 years experience.

Meet new people and develop the skill of playing in a group.


Why learn to play in a group?

If you are an adult learning the cello or the piano, joining one of our clubs is a great way to develop your musical skills. 


Our club members enjoy getting together and practising what they have learnt, and they find that these  informal group lessons are an excellent way to stretch themselves. They have noticed that the clubs have boosted their confidence in a relaxed setting.

By joining one of our clubs in Swansea, you will get to meet new people who share your hobby. You can share the joys of mastering a new piece and the challenges of tricky key changes and instrumentals.

You will develop musical skills that would take you much longer in 1 -1 lessons, such as harmonising and keeping in time. Learning to play with other people is a very enriching experience, which will also benefit your solo playing. 

Concerts and more opportunities!

Throughout the year, we hold a number of small concerts where we get to show off our repertoire. We think it is very important to have the opportunity to perform for each other, and for family and friends. 

Would you like to join a larger group, or do you play a different instrument? We also run an amateur orchestra for teens and adults aged 14+!

Are you interested in group lessons for your child, or are you a teacher looking for teaching resources? Our ChromaCrabs group lessons might be perfect for you!

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